Ben Dahl
Venture Capitalist, Attorney, and Entrepreneur

Ben Dahl, J.D., MBA

Ben Dahl is a venture capitalist, attorney, and entrepreneur. He most recently was a partner at Pelion Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm located in Utah. While at Pelion, Dahl focused on technology-based investment opportunities.

During his career, Dahl was a co-founder and the COO and General Counsel of startup company Unspam Technologies. While there, he co-created Project Honey Pot, a distributed honey pot network designed to identify, track and correlate spammers, and email address harvesters. He also worked at Echo Networks, a startup with strategic investments from massive music retailers to compete with the likes of iTunes. He also practiced law at Cooley LLP.

Additionally, Dahl has served in advisory position or board member of several companies and organizations including Integral Ad Science, Conversion Logic, Keen Labs, BitVault, and USTAR-supported company Blyncsy.

When not working in investment opportunities and entrepreneurship projects, Dahl enjoys spending time with his wife and children, traveling, skiing, cooking and eating a great meal.