Dana Carroll


Dana Carroll, Ph.D.

Dana Carroll, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah, is being honored for his pioneering work in precise genome engineering, which allows scientists to make specific changes in the genomic DNA of any organism. This technology has promising applications in agriculture and medical sectors that would improve the quality of life not only for Utahns, but also for individuals around the world.

Dr. Carroll has spent more than 40 years working in the University of Utah’s Department of Biochemistry, including serving 24 years as chairman of the department until he stepped aside in 2009. He is credited with critical scientific advancements that have led to dissecting gene function, engineering disease- and drought-resistant crop plants, and correcting genetic diseases in people.

In 2017, Dr. Carroll was among 84 U.S. scientist-scholars and 21 foreign associates elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and has been instrumental in expanding Utah’s role in the fields of molecular and cellular biology over the past 43 years. He also has received two national awards for his work, the 2012 Edward Novitski Prize from the Genetics Society of America and the 2014 Herbert Sober Lectureship from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.