Darwin L Harrison

CEO & Chairman, Board Cosmas, Inc.

Darwin L Harrison

Darwin has led Cosmas since Sept 2017. Cosmas specializes in the chemistry of synthesizing nanoparticles to control material attributes and structures through its patented technology.  Cosmas has developed new materials for pure & specialty aluminas that provide superior performance in multiple catalytic applications, and dispersible aluminas with disruptive potential in the CMP slurry and polishing markets.  Cosmas is in the process of commercialization its various products and manufacturing capabilities.

A former mining & healthcare executive, Darwin is best known for excellent facilitation skills in creating a vision for, and strategically implementing win-win solutions for startups, IPOs, corporate spin-offs and mergers & acquisitions. He has served as CFO, COO, CIO, CAO, CSO and CEO of various organizations as well as a board member on several non-profit boards in the energy, education and healthcare sectors.

Darwin founded Valued Empyrean (VE), a group of partnerships in various product & services industries. VE has developed “The Value Way;” an approach to seeing, becoming, thinking, problem solving, growing and achieving quantum leaps in personal & organizational development which he is implementing at Cosmas to help with their commercialization process.

Darwin is leading an effort in his capacity as CEO of Cosmas and Executive Partner of Value Resources LLC to create a Distributive Energy Model (DEM) Consortium to address some of society’s needs for new approaches to energy production, waste elimination and pollution control. He believes that Utah is an ideal candidate for this type of consortium and that such a consortium can have a big impact on economic development in rural and mid-size communities.

Darwin received a B.S. and a MAcc from Brigham Young University.